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ReShape Balloon: A Summary

What is ReShape Dual Balloon & What Does It Cost?

O.K first things first... How much DOES IT COST? Depending on where you go you are looking at about anywhere from $7,000 - $10,000. Also know that this procedure is not covered by insurance companies... yet.

ReShape Balloon is leading and pioneering technology in the field of Bariatric Surgery and gastric balloons. It is FDA approved and hence, much further ahead than most of its competitors. ReShape Balloon mainly functions on the premise of weight loss. However, it is a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical and completely safe weight loss procedure. What it basically entails is that an individual with a certain BMI can get the ReShape Balloon installed in their stomach in order to work on their appetite. The balloons are basically filled with sterile saline to occupy space in the stomach in order to reduce the volume of the stomach safely and without any major side effects. Once the balloons are placed in the stomach, you begin an intensive weight loss program that aims to control your diet, your daily calorie intake and your levels of physical activity. The balloons remain in your stomach for about six months after which they removed and for the next six months, the team at ReShape closely monitors your diet and exercise. The purpose of ReShape is to bring about a positive and healthy change in your lifestyle.

What Does The Procedure Entail?

  • The major procedure in the ReShape weight loss program is the placement of the balloons and then their removal. Both procedures work in almost the same way, with their orders reversed. When you go for the procedure, the doctor begins with numbing your throat using local anesthesia and gives you muscle relaxants to further aid you. How this works is that an endoscope is used to place the deflated balloons in your stomach and then a catheter is used to expand the balloons to the desired size.
  • The endoscope is a long, flexible tube that has a camera and a light at its end. It is usually used in surgeries in which no incisions are required and the surgery is done through your mouth. The doctor will attach the deflated balloons to the end of the endoscope which will be put through to mouth and down your esophagus and straight in to your stomach. In your stomach, the tube leaves the balloons and using a catheter, the balloons are inflated by filling them with sterile saline. The balloons are actually designed in such a way that when they inflate, the copy the shape of your stomach in order for an easy transition and to avoid reflux and such issues. After they are inflated, the balloons possess a self-sealing valve which means that they seal themselves and float around freely in your stomach. This entire procedure takes about 20 to 30 minutes and is mainly discomfort and pain free. Very minor discomfort can be expected such as nausea and feeling full after the procedure and thus, you are advised to slowly sip water. Besides that, the procedure is risk-free and completely safe. The removal happens after six months.

What Other Changes Will Be Made?

  • After you get the procedure done, some major changes are expected to be made in your lifestyle. For example, the first few days after the procedure, you will only be expected to drink liquids and that too, thin ones like water, fresh juices and very thin soups. You will have to keep your last meal no later than 7 pm every night because after this, there are more chances of acid reflux happening. You will be asked to limit your calories to a certain amount every day. In these first days, your exercise should be kept to a minimum and should also be very light. After this time period, you will be allowed to move on to semi solid food and higher activity levels. By the end of the first week, you will have another appointment scheduled with your physician who will be monitoring your progress and will check if everything is okay. He will then give you your proper diet chart and exercise routine that you will now have to follow very, very strictly.
  • The important thing to understand here is that yes, getting the ReShape Balloon asks for making some drastic changes to your lifestyle as our aim is to ensure that you lead a healthy lifestyle from this point onwards. Will it be tough? Probably. Can I do it? With a lot of motivation, yes you can. Will it be boring? Never. The reason for this is that ReShape introduces an entire weight loss program that focuses on keeping you motivated throughout your time with us be it diet, advice or exercise. We ensure that you can participate in a lot of fun, group activities that will help you keep your spirits up. We also make sure that you focus on exercises that are fun for you, such as playing a favourite sport or taking part in a physical group activity. This ensures that these activities become a part of your life.

Okay I’m convinced. Am I Eligible?

  • This part brings us to the most important aspect of getting ReShape; knowing if you fill the eligibility criteria. The first and foremost thing you should do is schedule an appointment for your physician and tell them you are considering getting this option.  The first physical criterion is that your BMI I(Body Mass Index) is between 30 to 40. This figure can be calculated easily by using a widely available formula measuring your height and weight. If you have a BMI that fulfills the criteria, then you also need to know if you are not eligible for any other weight loss surgery as you are not that overweight. Thirdly, you should know and be checked for any major issues that could come in the way of you getting the ReShape Balloon. These issues can be a history of stomach ulcers or an ongoing bowel irritation problem. If you do, you cannot get ReShape as it can interfere with the procedure. Lastly, you need to be sure that you are committed and motivated enough to stick to this program. These two things are the major component of gaining success.

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